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A Blank but Bright 6 Year Anniversary Mini Album with the [Crate Paper "Shine] Collection.


Hey guys :) So, as promised, here is (one of) the mini albums I made with the Crate Paper "Shine" collection. Right now it's still only the basis of the album, so all the photos and the journaling are still missing, but I just didn't have enough time to select the photos I want for this album and get them all printed. I'll do that when I get back home from my parents after Christmas. I really hate the photo sorting and printing process.. If it weren't for that, I'd probably have much more finished mini albums!

But anyway, I still wanted to show you the mini album as it is right now. When I started making mini albums, I always had to have my photos printed so I could start. I just couldn't imagine putting together the mini album pages without knowing what photos I had or what I wanted to say. Now I enjoy the process of putting together the mini album basis so much that I can't wait until I have all the photos ready :D

There are A LOT of photos, so be warned ;) ..at the end of all the photos you will also find a gif with a flip through the whole album. So if you are a bit impatient, you can of course just scroll down to see the gif - no hard feelings ;)

(Because there are still no photos or journaling in the album, it is quite straightforward so I won't talk about any of the pages in particular)

Phew, so that was a lot of photos - but I did warn you ;) And here's the gif:

6 Year Anniversary Mini

What about you: do you get all your photos printed and all your materials ready before you start working on a mini album, or do you also put together a basis and then just add the photos and journaling? Or something in between? Tell me!

And.. if you have any advice for how I can make the whole photo-process less, uhm, shitty, please share!

Products used:
Bascially almost the whole "Shine" collection (except the chipboard stickers, the specialty papers, one or two of the patterned papers, the standouts and the die set)

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