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The Person Behind ScatteredConfetti [Blog-tember Challenge #1].

In an effort to share more about me and my life here on the blog and to give it a more personal touch (that I feel has been missing the past few months), the Blog-tember Challenge seemed like the perfect fit to get a start on this! Of course once the challenge is over, I won't stop writing more personal posts. Just see this as the first try of getting some background info about me on here. :)

Hey there :) As I told you earlier today, a few days ago I decided to take part in the Blog-tember Challenge (you can read more about it here).

So, the first day of course is all about introducing yourself. Since this challenge might also bring a few new readers over here who do not know me (personally or via my blog/Instagram),  I think it will be nice to see who the person behind this blog is.

Blog-tember 2015 Challenge #1 | Introduction

I'm a 20-something crafter and language lover from Germany, currently working as a Spanish and English teacher. Besides English, Spanish and German, I also speak Italian (and I had Latin in school for 6 years..). I also started learning Portugues and Swedish but had to stop when I didn't have enough time anymore. However, I can mostly read/understand Portugues and French. The next language on my list (and the one I definitely want to learn) is Catalán. My most "important" hobby (or the one I invest the most time, money and energy in :D) is scrapbooking, which to my "old" readers shouldn't be a surprise ;)

I'm originally from Thuringia (Germany), but have lived near Frankfurt for the past eight years now. I'm living together with my fiancé who is my best travel companion and oftentimes the subject of my scrapbooking projects. I have also lived in Sant Cugat, near Barcelona for a few months and another four months on Tenerife. One of my (our) biggest dreams and a certain goal is it to move to Barcelona in a few years from now! :)

Whenever I am not working, you can either find me at my desk crafting or in a coffee shop (by my own or with my fiancé), preferably in Barcelona. For the past four years, we have been to our most favourite city in the world at least two (sometimes three) times a year and it always feels like coming home. But I won't talk too much about this city, since there will be a prompt about the things I am passionate about in a few days :)

Blog-tember 2015 Challenge #1 | Introduction

To finish off this little introduction, here are some (relatively) short and quick to read fun facts about me:

Alright, I can't think of any more "facts" that you would like/need to know about me ;) If you did an introduction of yourself on your blog, please leave a link, I'd like to get to know more about you!
I really hope to get to know some nice people and their blogs through this challenge! And even if you do not take part in it, leave a comment to say "hi"! :)

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