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ScatteredConfetti Blog Collage for the [Blog-tember Challenge #3].

In an effort to share more about me and my life here on the blog and to give it a more personal touch (that I feel has been missing the past few months), the Blog-tember Challenge seemed like the perfect fit to get a start on this! Of course once the challenge is over, I won't stop writing more personal posts. Just see this as the first try of getting some background info about me on here. :)

I really have to say, with each day now (although we're only at day 3) the Blog-tember Challenge is more and more fun! I absolutely loved reading all the different "ideal" days yesterday! It really gives you a great idea of the person behind the blog! :)

Now, today's prompt was to create a collage or moodboard that describes your blog. Since I am not as good as I'd like with putting together pretty moodboards in Photoshop, I decided to just make a simple collage of photos/projects that I have shared on my blog. I mean, they probably best describe what it is all about. But see for yourselves (click to enlarge):

ScatteredConfetti Blog Collage

So far the blog has been almost exclusively about scrapbooking and papercrafting but starting with this challenge, I want to bring in a more personal touch and fill it with more stories of me and my life. Therefore "I" and all the other facets of me (apart from papercrafting) are still missing in this collage. I'd love to do this again in a few months to see how the blog has changed and in how far I have been able to make it more about me and my stories and passions (which of course will still include scrapbooking. I mean, it's such an important part of me, how could it not?)

This prompt was actually quite challenging.. I almost let the perfectionist in me stop me from contributing to it. I had the idea stuck in my head that I would create a fancy-schmancy moodboard with lots of inspiring, colourful images that I had collected on Pinterest to describe my blog but I knew I wasn't able to do it the way I imagined it. So I almost decided to don't participate all together.
But: I decided I didn't want to give up, especially not that early in the game and I must admit, I am really proud of myself for just doing it! I mean, who needs perfection, right? As Salvador DalĂ­ said it:


If you should be interested in seeing more of/reading more about some of the projects included in the collage above, you can find them here:

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