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ScatteredConfetti Style [Blog-tember Challenge #6].

In an effort to share more about me and my life here on the blog and to give it a more personal touch (that I feel has been missing the past few months), the Blog-tember Challenge seemed like the perfect fit to get a start on this! Of course once the challenge is over, I won't stop writing more personal posts. Just see this as the first try of getting some background info about me on here. :)

Today's prompt in the Blog-tember Challenge asked how I would describe my style or what trends I like/follow/avoid/... I know this blog is mostly about scrapbooking but I think most of my readers already have a good idea of what my scrapbooking style looks like and what trends I like/dislike, so I thought today was a good chance of showing you what my style looks like in the fashion and interior design department.

Fashion Collage by ScatteredConfetti
striped tee. nixon watch. scarf. open thin ring. black clutch. new balance. turmalin necklace. shoes. me. zara backpack. t-shirts.

Although I would consider myself fashion-conscious, I wouldn't say that I actively follow any trends. For the first time in my life, I would say that I have found my style and feel confident with it. Of course it still evolves and changes a bit from time to time, but the overall feel of it stays mostly the same. As I said, I don't really follow trends. Sometimes the current trends overlap with my style and taste, which is great because then I have a bigger variety to choose from.

It's funny to think that about 2 years ago I didn't own a lot of black pieces of clothing (maybe 5 in total) and now about half of my wardrobe and shoe cabinet is filled with black pieces. When you have a look at my closet, you will mostly find black, gray and white and only a bit of colour (more in summer than in autumn/winter).

I like:
+ simple pieces without frills and too girly details
+ black, gray, white
+ stripes
+ gray and black denim
+ beautiful minimal jewelry (mostly in gold/rose gold)
+ red lipstick
+ oversized dresses and shirts (in summer)
+ a mix of casual, elegant and comfortable
+ Birkenstocks (yes. I do. and no, I don't only wear them to be "cooler" or "hipster", they are just damn comfortable and I like the way they look paired with some great jeans and a shirt)

I don't like:
- girly pieces/colours
- acid wash, velvet,  frills, crop tops (I think only a few people do look good in them)
- too many accessories
- floral prints (or very rarely. there are only a few that I like on me, but a lot that I like on others)
- cheap-looking pieces (like Primark)

Don't get me wrong, I also buy clothing that is mass-produced in a different country. However, even between the more reasonably priced brands there are differences. And I decided for myself that I'd much rather spend more money on a piece that I really like and that is good quality (and which I can therefore wear for much longer) than buying a new piece every one or two months because it's a) cheap enough and b) more "fashionable" at the moment but c) also really bad quality and doesn't last longer than one season.

I also have a "Personal Style" Pinterest board where I pin all the styles and pieces that I love.

Interior Design Moodboard by ScatteredConfetti.

 workspace. laptop desk. bathroom. sideboard. tapestry. bedroom. cactus pillow. the grid blanket. kitchen. poster. bedroom 2.

My taste in interior design has changed so much in the past few years, somewhat similar to my fashion style. Right now I'm loving a good mix of scandinavian minimalism with some "warm" and earthy elements, like wood, gold, different fibers and textures (love tapestries!), planthangers etc.

I like:
+ lots of white
+ uncluttered spaces
+ plants, especially succulents, cacti and air plants (these three are about the only plants I manage to keep alive for a while)
+ metallic accents
+ geometric elements
+ wall decoration (like typography posters, tapestries, photos..)
+ our black wall in the new workspace

I don't like:
- cluttered, busy spaces
- too much colour
- shabby chique

Here you can find more inspiration and ideas for bright, well-designed spaces.

And if you want more inspiration for interior design, fashion, accessories, scrapbooking etc., come follow me on Pinterest :)

Phew, this prompt was actually a lot of fun! I love making moodboards and collages and I think there will be a lot more to come on this blog in the future! What about you, do you like making moodboards as well? Are you active on Pinterest? Leave me a link to your profile in the comments! :)

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