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Social Sunday [No. 5].

Social Sunday No. 5 - Let yourself rest.

(After some really really stressful weeks at work/school I have finally finished the part where I get graded, at least for this semester. And now that it's only two more weeks of school until the summer holidays I need to remind myself to let myself rest.)

My inbox has never been like really overwhelmingly and intimidatingly full, but this post about reaching inbox zero was inspiring nevertheless. And it made me organise and clean out all my inboxes right away!

I have never been a fan of chemistry in school but this periodic table is something even I like :D

Everytime I see a DIY for these I want to make some myself.. but I'm not sure my sewing machine would survive it?

Having this salad on my "to try"-list for the next week! Especially if the temperatures will stay that hot!

Crushing on all the new Colorcast Designs products, especially those acrylic album covers that are perfect for making a vacation/summer mini!!


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