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Social Sunday [No. 4].

DerivaPaper Barcelona

Just stumbled across these true words on Instagram. And if you love wandering around in beautiful cities (not just Barcelona), I can really recommend this IG account!

Last week my new goodies from LoraBailora arrived and they are even better in person! And I'm so very happy for Laura that her new products are such a big success, not only in Europe but worldwide!! Even FreckledFawn is now carrying her new stamps and washi tapes (they are currently sold out but will be restocked!)

And because this Sunday is all about being social and supporting this online community - on Friday I finally met two of my favourite IG (and Get Messy) people!!!

Didn't have time for some crafting and getting messy but I made sure to save this printable for later!!

And if you are on the look-out for new fonts to try, stop by Anna-Maria's blog, she always has the prettiest collections.


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