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Workspace Wednesday with [Jot Magazine].

Great news! The beautiful (and free!) online magazine called "Jot" just released issue #10 and they are celebrating their second birthday!!

Jot Magazine Issue #10 - Two Layouts by ScatteredConfetti

Since there aren't really many scrapbooking related paper magazines (none in Germany, at least - and I think the ones in the US are also slowly dying away..), I think it's awesome that there is an online magazine dedicated completely to this beautiful hobby.
The new issue is full of inspiring projects of the Jot Girls, but also features layouts from scrapbookers around the world - including me (insert happy dance here)!

I am honoured that Kim picked two of my layouts to include them in this new issue, this one and that one. But of course you should go and have a look at the whole magazine! I mean, it's for free, so why shouldn't you? ;)

Psst.. there are even more great news that I'll be able to share soon. Can't wait!!

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