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Social Sunday [No. 3].


"The weight of your existence does not depend on you and your accumulations." Thoughts.

Very happy for and proud of Lauren, who was featured over on the A Beautiful Mess blog with her Thailand album. Go Lauren!!!

We just booked our accommodation for our summer holiday. So excited that we will be back at (on?) the Costa Brava. We'll be staying very close to Pals and Peratallada, two charming little medieval villages that make for beautiful photos!!
(see proof here, here, here, here, here and here.. I think you get what I mean ;) )

Also very excited about this.

I'm very impatient and untalented when it comes to doing my hair, but for this summer (and especially our summer holiday) I plan on trying at least two or three of those styles (number 5 and 7, maybe?.

Of course I'm already mentally packing, and this swimsuit that I just ordered definitely has to come with me. (Fingers crossed it fits! ..the package is still on its way)

And last but not least: As if the past few weeks haven't been exciting enough with great news, tomorrow I'm gonna share another super duper exciting announcement with y'all! Stay tuned!! :)


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