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Social Sunday [No. 2].

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It's already Sunday again and this time I feel like I can really enjoy it. The past week has been good - it felt like a really short holiday because I only had to work on Monday and Tuesday.
On Thursday S. and I went to Erfurt, strolled through the city, had ice cream, some coffee and then wandered around the ega park (and I took a ridoncolous amount of peony photos, of which I'll show you some later this week) - it was a really nice day and brought back some childhood memories, but more on that later.
On Friday we went to Frankfurt and discovered a new (to us) café which was wonderful - the food and coffee were delicious and the scenery was beautiful. And that cheesecake, seriously, it was SO good.

The past few days it also finally felt like summer around here and I could even wear a dress! That made me go into full wanderlust mode, hence the photo above, which was made using a photo from Unsplash.

Speaking of which, do you know Unsplash? It's a website where you can get beautiful photos for free. Every 10 days they release 10 new photos and you can do with them whatever you like, since they are licensed under Creative Common Zero (read more here).

And now that it really feels like summer, I am determined to create a summer manifesto.

But until the summer holidays finally start (7 more weeks of school to go), I'll try to kill the time with some crafty adventures, like the Creative Captures week(s) Lauren initiated.

And I can't wait for these stamps to arrive on my doorstep!! I mean, Donuts?! They were just made for me!! (And they will also be available in English).

And now, I wish you all a nice, sunny Sunday - enjoy it!! :)


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