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Social Sunday [No. 1].

You know, I always love the blog posts on other people's blogs where they share products, posts, photos etc. of others that they liked and enjoyed. I like sipping on my cup of coffee on a Sunday morning while browsing the different links they share, and I think it's a great way to discover new blogs, shops or IG accounts.

So I decided I'd add this blog feature on here as well, because sharing is caring, right? Right. So here it goes :)

Social Sunday with ScatteredConfetti - Sharing is Caring

I am feeling the travelbug creeping on me again, and this blogpost about all the great places in Berlin really didn't help ;)

And how perfect would one of those handmade travel journals be?

This quote that Rachel shared got me thinking though.. There's so much truth in there.

Have you seen this freakin' awesome mini album by Kelsey? No?! Then go check it out NOW! It is full of oure awesomeness.

Although I'm a black/grey/white and neutrals kinda girl when it comes to fashion (just bought this dress and want to LIVE in it from now on), summer always makes me long for colourful pieces - like this super cute oversized sequin clutch!

Can we please talk about those Ban.do agendas for a second?! I am IN LOVE! I seriously want to have one of them so so bad (this one is my favourite!), but the shipping of 25$ is a bit too much for me.. Boohoo.. :(

(If someone else from Germany should consider buying sth. in the Ban.do Online Shop (they have many other really awesome things), let me know! We could split the shipping costs!)

And last but not least, I am SO damn excited about a new album by Florence + the Machine!! Get a taste of it here


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