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Life Lessons...[No. 2]

Today it's time for another instalment of my new Life Lessons category ;) You might have seen my last Life Lessons post about not going to do hairdressers right before a vacation trip..

Well, today it's something a bit more positive.. It all started with me feeling pretty shitty since Wednesday. On Thursday morning it was even worse, so I decided to go to the doctors in the afternoon (I normally don't go right away, but I had to in order to get a doctor's certificate for work..)-
I thought it was just the flu but it turned out to be an Angina Lateralis (in German "Seitenstrangangina"), which is a certain type of pharyngitis that's relatively rare.. great. Basically it's a bit like a tonsilitis but when you got your tonsils removed, the infection moves further into the pharynx.. - BUH!

Anyways, when S. came home from work, he brought me some really beautiful peonies (my absolute favourite flowers in the world! I wish they'd bloom all year around! ..and weren't as expensive..). So this was the first thing to brighten up my day a bit.

When I woke up this morning, I felt even worse..like, really bad, like I've been hit by a car and accidentally swallowed some acid-bad. I wasn't able to do much today due to the lack of energy, but when I felt a little bit better, I decided to take some photos of the goodies that recently arrived from the Scrapbook Werkstatt. That actually immediately made me feel much better and happier!

Especially the combination of the new Dear Lizzy "Fine & Dandy" and some Seven Paper products together with the peonies.. just like they were meant for each other!!

And look at that beautiful "Poolside" collection by Crate Paper!! Oh how I loove those colours and all the little bits of gold in there - it makes me wish for summer!

So, long story short.. today's lesson is: Flowers and new scrapbooking goodies make everything better!!

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