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Life Lessons... [No. 1]

...don't go to the hairdressers directly before going on vacation!

To give you some background to the story: I don't like hairdressers so logically I don't like going to the hairdresser's. It never ends up the way I wanted it to and it seems that they just. don't. get. me.

The last time I've been to get my hair done was in August last year, right before we left for our Costa Brava trip (duh.) And I was SO disappointed afterwards. I gave S. a hard time for it, since he was the one who convinced me to go and made the appointment..
I wanted a change, something different and fresh, but nothing too dramatic - especially since at that time we were still planning on getting married this year in August. So I wanted to make sure that I would have long hair and no bangs at my wedding. Already before she was finished I knew that it wasn't what I had in mind. So instead of the "yayy, I just got my hair done and I'm feeling fresh and pretty"-feeling I went home with a "oh well, I just knew it"-feeling.
But still it wasn't that much of a deal because actually there was almost NO visible change in my haircut - except that it was a tiny bit shorter and had some highlights in it.

I was still disappointed because it didn't feel different. But right now I'm thinking that it wasn't such a big deal.

So you can imagine that I wasn't too fond of the idea of going to the hairdresser again. I knew I needed to go because my hair was quite broken with lots of split ends and it was getting too long. Washing and blowdrying my hair took ages, getting dressed was an ordeal because it always got caught, curls that I made with the flat iron were gone within minutes and so on..

At the beginning of this week we spontaneously booked another trip to Barcelona - next week! And I knew I wanted to get my hair done before that, so I bit the bullet and made an appointment. First I got on the waiting list, but only a day later I got a call that there was a spot free, so I got dressed and headed to the hair salon.

I told the girl that she could cut off whatever was needed to get rid of the split ends and make it look healthier. Normally I'm not crying for every centimeter of hair that is gone..
We agreed on a length at which my hair would still end right above my chest and I was fine with that. The only thing that was important to me was that it would still go past my shoulds because for me I just hate shoulder-length haircuts.

Well, if you have a look at the after-picture, you can probably guess that this is not the length I imagined! I know they still look better than before, in the sense of healthier and more like a real haircut, but that is not the point.

I just can't do anything with that length. If I put them in a ponytail I look like a little schoolgirl that is selling cookies at your doorstep. I can't make a bun (which really annoys me!) and if I curl them they have a length that is neither fish nor fowl. Buh!

So.. long story short: I guess now I have learned my lesson and will never ever go to the hairdresser's right before a vacation again.

(I feel like there are more things in everyday life that teach me (more or less) important life lessons, so I decided to create a new blog feature that I call "Life Lessons". It won't be a regular feature. I'll post something whenever it just happens. But I'm sure there will be much more ;) )

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