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Oh Barcelona how I miss thee...

You know how sometimes the smallest little thing can make you tear up? For me it was this song..

Or rather, the video. I knew the song, I always liked it, but when I saw the official video on Youtube just now, it made me tear up.. Because if you look closely (or not that closely, cause it's quite obvious), you can see that the video was shot in the most beautiful city on earth, Barcelona.

And now I like the song even more. Because it just got a new and very special meaning, for me at least. The exact same thing also happened with this hauntingly beautiful song:

It's not the official video, but it's the video that I first saw for this song.. and it's not even the whole video that plays in Barcelona, but the timelapse in the city, that's Barcelona. That's the place where I left my heart. And watching those two videos makes my heart ache so so badly..

Oh Barcelona, how I miss thee...

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