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An [Interview] with me for The Paper Crafting.

As promised earlier today, here is the interview with me for the Scandinavian online magazine The Paper Crafting, in English:

What is your name? / Where do you live?
My name is Kathleen, I’m a German crafter and scrapbooker living in the middle of Germany (but would much rather live in Barcelona).

What kind of paper projects do you make?
My go-to kind of paper projects are scrapbooking layouts, although I absolutely LOVE mini albums – but I rarely ever finish them :D And since summer last year I’ve also been doing some art journaling.

How often do you scrap?
I scrap (and craft – just recently I fell in love with weaving) as often as I possibly can. Right now that is unfortunately not very often because I’m right in the middle of my teacher training and all the things for school take up a lot of my time. But whenever I find some free time, you will most likely find me in my craftspace (or in Barcelona, as my fiancé and I use every chance we get to spend some time in our most favourite city in the world!) :)

Can you describe your craft room?
My space is half craftroom half office, but it’s all mine. I try to keep it tidy and clean but more often than not it looks like something just exploded in there. Oh well, creative chaos I guess ;)
I kept the walls and all the furniture white because all my craft supplies add enough colour to the room already. I want to keep it as “clean“ as possible.

What (and who) inspires you?
I draw inspiration from many different sources. Pinterest and Instagram are surely an important source for me, as well as other crafter’s blogs and online galleries.
Apart from that I believe that everything around you can inspire you in some way. You just need to open your mind for it. I’m often inspired by different quotes or songs, but sometimes it’s something as simple as a colour scheme on a page in my favourite magazine. There’s inspiration everywhere!

In terms of who inspires me it’s a bit more difficult because I cannot list each and everyone here. But in general these are people who do what they love, who have a passion and who persue their dreams! One person who fits all of these characteristics is for example the ever so talented Caylee Grey. But as I said, it’s impossible to list them all here ;)

(ETA: Caylee not only inspires me creatively, but in my opinion she's also living the dream. She's self-employed and just recently moved to Germany. One day I want to be like her, only in Barcelona :D )

Anything else?
Right now I’m lucky enough to be able to work in the Scrapbook Werkstatt Design Team, the Design Team of LoraBailora, the Papierprojekt Creative Team and the Get Messy CT. And the absolute best part of that is getting to work with so many unbelievably talented ladies from all over the world!

The projects:
The one thing almost all of my layouts have incommon is the white background and the large use of white space. Apart from that you’ll most likely also find enamel dots, some misting and machine stitching. A while ago it was also heavy paper layering but in the past few months I’ve come to like a different kind of design in my layouts.

Although in probably all of them you can see “my style“ (if there is such thing) shine through, they are still different. I have layouts where I use bright and fun colours, like the Cadaqués layout, but sometimes I also like a bit more muted or pastel colours.

When I’m art journaling it’s kinda similar, as my pages also have a lot of white space. Nevertheless this kind of paper crafting is different to me. It’s much more experimental and I very rarely start with a specific idea in mind. I just let it happen, which is not entirely true for scrapbooking. There I do plan out my projects – or at least a rough idea.

That was it! Hope you liked getting more insight into my crafty head ;)
Have a nice Sunday!!


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