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Currently [February Edition].


Finding.. it difficult to find the energy for doing something that I don't like or want anymore but still doing for "rational" reasons.
Getting.. rid of SO many things. Not only in my craftspace (watch out for new things in my flea market quite soon!) but also my closet and many drawers and cupboards in the entire apartment.  
Wanting.. to be in Barcelona so bad.  
Thinking.. of the future, a lot.  
Wearing.. a lot of grey and black and feeling damn good with it.  
Eating.. more cake and donuts than I should..  
Reading.. not much at the moment, unfortunately, except school stuff. I even have some unread interior/living magazines lying around because I just don't find any time to flip through them.  
Listening.. to my usual random playlists. At the moment with a lot of George Ezra, Alt-J, Ben Howard, Chet Faker and Bon Iver.
Watching.. it snow and rain and snow outside non stop. I don't like it.. I'm in full spring mode and I just don't want any more snow or winter. (And now please don't tell me it's just February and winter only just began or I might feel the urge to punch someone in the face....)  
Working.. on some top secret ideas that might be the first step for my/our future as self-employed people!  
Hoping.. for warmer weather and sunshine. And that my iMac can be repaired for less than a small fortune and that it'll be back soon!  
Feeling.. good about cleaning and purging. 
Needing.. more time in a day. And maybe a personal secretary, that would be nice. 
Looking forward to.. the Alt-J concert I'll be going to on Saturday!! Oh, and for the new Get Messy that will be starting on Feb. 5th.!!


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