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The Best Time is Now. [Papierprojekt Mini Album]


Long time no see, right? Well this time of the year is, as probably for most of you, quite stressful and hectic. Although it should also be a time where we calm down, pause and take in all the impressions and feelings because this Christmas time is something special which passes so very quickly year after year.
I didn't have much, if any time left for scrapping or doing anything creative in the past two weeks because of my job. Last week was the peek of all this stressfulness and work and now it's finally getting a bit calmer and I have some time left to enjoy our Christmas tree, the Christmas market and also to work on some creative projects.

Since I got the beautiful Papierprojekt Kit from Felicitas I made two projects that I've already shown you and one that has been in the making for the whole time and isn't finished even now.. But because I really wanted to show it to you and because I have no idea when I will have the time to finish it, I decided to take some photos of the half finished album and just show you ;) 

Right now it's just the basis of a Mini Album and only two or three photos, but once it's done it is meant to be a collection of some of my favourite moments in 2014. Just random bits and pieces :) I put all the photos of my mini album basis into little collages so I don't have such a huge picture flood in this post but without leaving anything out ;) 
(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

I made this little shaker bag similar to the tutorial I showed you a while back, only that this time I used the little clear plastic bag of some enamel dots to put in my wood veneer shapes and sequins. I just cut off the top of the bag and sewed it up. Easy as that! :)

I also made some little pockets on the back side of some pages to hold random photos or bits and pieces such as tickets/receipts... I just sewed a small strip of patterned paper onto the page. Simple and easy! And if you sew it on and don't glue you won't run the risk of putting your photos in and ruining them with some glue that might stick on the photo!

This shaker bag is actually the exact same one I made for the tutorial a few weeks ago. I like to make things like this in batches so I can reach for them when I'm working on a new project. :)

In this collage you can see one of those sewn pockets a bit closer :) I like to add such details to hold as many photos and memories in a little album like this!

Now I hope that I will have the time (and energy ;) ) to finish this album maybe before the next year begins.. Or at least somewhen in January. Because I know myself and if it will sit on my table unfinished for longer than that, the chance that it will actually be completed will decrease from week to week.. Nevertheless I like flipping through this little cutie quite a lot already! :)

And here's the full album:

Tomorrow I'll be back with a new layout that I've made with the new Dear Lizzy "Serendipity" collection!

Products used:
Papierprojekt Kit
LoraBailora stamps "Love"
LoraBailora stamps "Christmas"
Freckled Fawn Wood Frame Set "Awesome"
Freckled Fawn Wood Chips "Stars & Such"
Freckled Fawn Wood Chips "Blank Ticket"
Freckled Fawn Flat Sentiment Clip "Black"
Freckled Fawn Flat Sentiment Clip "Cream"
American Crafts "DIY Shop" Cork Hearts Stickers
Studio Calico "Essentials" Chipboard Hearts - black & grey
Studio Calico "Essentials" Chipboard Hearts - red & pink
Studio Calico "Printshop" Wood Veneer Hearts
Kesi Art Alpha Stickers

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