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Looking back at [2014].


As the new year is right around the corner and I've read and clicked through lots and lots of blog and IG posts where people reflect back on the past year, I decided to do it as well because I realised that (even though this past year might not have been the best so far, although it had many really great experiences in it) it is a good way to just take a moment, press pause and reflect on the things that happened.
It's easy to get the overall impression that your year maybe wasn't as great as it could have been (especially when you read the many posts where people talk about how the past year has been the best of their life so far - and I am absolutely happy for them, don't get me wrong). Therefore I wanted to take a moment to see what was good this year and remind myself to be grateful for those moments and the people that made this past year quite fun nevertheless :)

Because I am really really bad at choosing only a few photos, I decided to make some collages featuring some of my most favourite shots or some that highlight the well, uhm, highlights of this year!

January: A quick trip to Berlin with S. that was filled with lots of coffee, food, some shopping and more food. Aaah, the good life!

February: my 25th birthday when I got my beloved little Kay Bojesen monkey that I named Juan Jørgensen // redecorated my craft space slash office // found a new love for grey, black, white and copper.

March: S. and I escaped to Barcelona for a week // snapped lots of photos // discovered new places // found new favourite places // had lots of good food and coffee // enjoyed the city and felt at home.

Oh, and...
got engaged!! Yes! In the Parc del Labirint he popped the question and I didn't have to think even for a second what to answer! ;)

Scrapbooking/Craft-related this year definitely was my best so far! Guest designed for DaniPeuss in August // joined the Scrapbook Werkstatt Design Team // joined the LoraBailora Design Team // joined the Get Messy group // joined the Papierprojekt Design Team.

Not pictured: went to some crops // met most of the ladies of the SBW Design Team when we met up in October and made this Christmas video for y'all. That was a lot of fun and I enjoyed meeting them all! 

S. and I discovered a new favourite place to have coffee and relax. The Café NORD in Mannheim (which is about a 1,5 hour drive from us, but whenever we have time on the weekend, we go there). // bestest coffee we had in a long time // have a mad crush on the interior // yummy food on top.

Speaking of which...
Food.. lots of food! This year we had SO MUCH good food that I'd say in this matter it was also our best year yet! And don't be fooled, these are by far not all the photos I took (and instagrammed) of our meals/snacks/coffee.. this year. These are just some that I pulled from my iPhoto library real quick.

August: another trip to the Costa Brava by car (like in June 2013) // made our first experience with AirBnB // had a pleasant stay at a couple's place // made a new friend, Tor (their dog) // revisited the place where we got engaged...

...visited SO many beautiful places. Some we have been to before and some new ones. // went to the beach just once // discovered new bars, restaurants and cafés in BCN // fell even harder in love with BCN and the Costa Brava (if that's even possible) // absolutely enjoyed it and didn't want to go back home.

But I took Barcelona with me, in a way. I've had this tattoo idea in mind for quite a while and was 150% sure that I wanted to get it and also knew where I wanted it to be. But why should I get a BCN tattoo in Germany when I can also do it in THE city?! So, on the 20th of August it finally was the day when I got my tattoo at the 109 Tattoo Studio in Barcelona. And I couldn't be happier about it!!

Random: went to a Ben Howard concert, love!! // finally put up our "gallery wall" in the living room // a favourite Get Messy page in black and white // just a black and white arrangement that makes my heart skip a beat // favourite shoes in our favourite place (NORD) // black and white and copper love in my (once again redecorated) craft space.

Last but not least, December: got our Christmas tree on the 2nd advent // my favourite tree we've had so far (the tree itself & the ornaments) // Christmas spirit in our town // the advent calendar I made for S.

So, how about that for a recap? I know it's a bit random, but I'm okay with that. I wanted to show you my personal highlights but also with some nice photos!
There are some more things that happened this year that one would expect me to include here (like getting a job as a teacher in training..) but let's just say... there are other things that stood out more to me.

Some more favourites in 2014:
Music: Bon Iver, Ben Howard, George Ezra (did you know he made a song called "Barcelona"?!), Alt-J (will be on a concert in February!!), Ed Sheeran, Jack Garratt, José Gonzalez, London Grammar,  The XX, Daughter, Adele, Florence + the Machine.

Food: Donuts!! and Crönuts (at Chök in BCN!), carrot cake, I found my love for pasta, the usual suspects in BCN, salad, ikea hot dogs ;)

Places: Barcelona, Parc del Labirint, Costa Brava, NORD, our bed, my craft space, ...

How was your 2014? Did you enjoy it and kind of don't want it to be over or are you, like me, ready for a fresh new beginning and hoping for a better year to come?
Did you also share a recap? I'd love to read it, so leave me a link in the comments!! :)

And now I wish you all a very happy new year!! May the new year hold lots of great experiences and adventures for you!! See you next year :)

Und nun wünsche ich euch allen einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!! Auf dass das neue Jahr viele tolle Erfahrungen und Erlebnisse für euch bereit hält!! Wir sehen uns nächstes Jahr :)

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