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This photo was taken in Girona, and oh how I wish I'd be there right now..

Loving.. all the photos I've taken during our vacation.
Finding.. more and more hints of autumn outside.
Getting.. a bit sad when I think about the days getting shorter and the weather getting (even) worse.
Wanting.. summer to stay a bit longer.
Thinking.. about the Costa Brava (especially Barcelona) all the time.
Wearing.. way too autumn-y and warm clothes for this time of the year!
Eating.. carrot cake the Mister made (for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner..)
Reading.. some new living magazines I got today.
Writing.. my first letters for my new crafty penpals, yayy.
Listening.. to the new Chet Faker album "Built on Glass".
Watching.. episode after episode of Top Gear (UK, of course!).
Using.. my new flat iron the Mister got me as a surprise just because.
Working.. on my first Get Messy art journal pages* and the "30 days of lists" challenge.
Hoping.. to get some crafty projects done in the next few days.
Feeling.. a bit lost and unhappy at the moment.
Needing.. a change.
Looking forward to.. my grandparents visiting this weekend.

*The lovely Caylee accepted me into this group of talented ladies and I'm very excited! So from now on every Thursday you'll see my art journal pages here on the blog.

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