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A different kind of [Blog Hop]

So last week the gorgeous Lucia Barabas tagged me as one of three creative ladies to answer some questions about us, our crafting process, our inspiration and so on and I have to say, I am absolutely honoured! When I received her message I couldn't believe my eyes, since I've fallen for her scrapbooking style a while ago and think her pages are so inspiring!

The idea of the blog hop is that you answer some questions and then tag three other creative talents that inspire you to keep this blog hop going, give them some love and show your readers some creatives that they may not have known before :)

But because I've been on vacation the last two weeks and didn't have the best internet connection etc. and because of some other personal reasons, I didn't make it to write to the three ladies that I would like to tag in time, so I will publish my answers to the following questions and the three ladies next Monday! So please stop by then to learn about:

1. What are you working on right now?
2. How long does it take you to create a project? 
3. What are your favourite things to create with at the moment? 
4. How does your writting/creating process work?
5. How do you become inspired and stay inspired? 
6. What is your signature style?

Until then, go check out the beautiful galleries of Lucia (Studio Calico and Elle's Studio) and her pretty blog! :)  


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