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Workspace Wednesday. [On a Thursday]

Okay, okay. I know it's already Thursday, but yesterday I still felt like I've been hit by a train and I didn't feel like doing anything really. So instead I will share my "Workspace Wednesdays" photos with you today.

I wish I could say that my scrapspace looked just half as neat and organised as that of Marcy Penner or Stephanie Bryan, for instance. But, well, surprise: (I mean, seriously, watch that video of Marcy's space and you'll go green with envy!)
it doesn't!

1) I don't have enough space in my room to get things that organised. But I'm happy that I at least have a space where I can make a mess without annoying anyone but me with it.
2) Everytime I get things tidied up, it doesn't stay that way very long. As soon as I start the next project, my room looks as if it had been hit by a bomb. So I figure it's not really worth the effort :D
Besides: Order is for idiots, genius can handle chaos.  Haha, just kidding! ;)

Alright, get ready for what my desk looks like right now (and I actually just cleared my cutting mat only for you guys!):

I'd love to get a glimpse on your spaces! Did you share it somewhere (maybe on your blog or in a gallery)? If so, please link up in the comments!
And what kind of scrapper are you: a neat and tidy one or messy, like me? ;)


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