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12 on the Twelfth. [July]

This is the first month that I joined the "12 on the twelfth" challenge and I really enjoyed it! In the morning I decided to make an effort and pull out the "real" camera to snap my 12 photos, and not just use my iPhone for convenience. I mean, I love my iPhone and the possibility to snap a quick picture anywhere at any time. But, I just recently got my new toy (a Canon EOS 600D) and I need to get some practice before we go on vacation!

I didn't do much yesterday, just a slow start with yummy breakfast (not pictured, because I only photographed it with my phone) and then I headed off to a stroll through the city. On the way you just couldn't ignore all the beautiful flowers and pops of colours!

So.. without further ado, here's my 12 on the 12th:

Okay, if you are a smart cookie and counted the pictures you know that I tried to sneak in one more picture. But I really couldn't narrow it down anymore.
And besides, the 11th and 12th picture are almost the same, just a different perspective, so I guess they count as one ;)

Did you do this challenge too? If so, leave a link to your post or gallery in the comments, I'd love to see what you snapped!

Have a nice Sunday!

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